Monday, August 4, 2014

My New Toy - Circular Saw

Buying a circular saw is not an easy task. It took me a few trips down to the hardware shop before I decided to get one. Even that day I have to make tough choices when the seller showed me a few brands with the price ranges from RM250 ~ RM800 each. To name some of the brands like Makita, Einhell, Skill, Bosch, Mintian, Quasa...etc and which some are China brands.

There are few tips you can find on the internet on how to choose the right circular saw for yourself. For home user like me and of course running on a low budget, I decided to get something less than RM300. The seller recommended Quasa which is a branded China product with a good track quality records so far. After a series of negotiations I bought it at RM275. So, here is the picture of my new circular saw, it has a 1450W output power, comes with 40 teeth, 184 x 20 mm blade size. The first thing I will use it is to build my worktable soon. 

Quasa Circular Saw

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