Monday, June 16, 2014

My Little Humble Workspace

Some people spend most of their time in front of the TV or shopping or sleeping especially during the weekends. I spend my most of my time here, my little humble workspace. This room is not a dedicated workshop at somewhere else but is in my house. Yes, my little apartment where I'm staying with my wife and soon with my kids. We have 3 rooms and I transformed the third room into a workspace or so call personal office. My wife and I share this room for office work, building my projects, jamming and relaxing.

Half of the room is my workspace. From the pictures below, starting from the left side of the room are my bench top drill, the new 3D printer, component racks, worktable equipped with soldering station, multimeter, homemade power supply and hand tools. The right side corner of the room is the repository area. Below the table I have a old cut off saw and angle grinder which my father gave it to me. Recently I just bought a foldable workbench where I'm using it for woodworking outside my house, a wood router, palm sander and a cordless drill. You can see my homemade PCB UV box at the top of the rack in the third photo.

The other half of the room is the main table where we do most of office work and surfing. Recently my wife is working from home, so she is occupying this table most of the time.

Right at the center of the room is where I placed the couch that was given away by my parents. My wife will sit and read here. I will sleep here most of the time. Don't blame me. The couch is very soft and comfortable.

Before I go to bed, I would spend some time in here to read my emails, surfing and sometime fiddle with my projects. Best time is when the night quiets down, your body feeling tired except that your mind hasn't yet. However, I have to keep the noise to minimum without waking anyone, especially my wife. I hope that I could get a bigger house with a garage where I can work on my project anytime without disturbing my neighbors and also my family. Nevertheless, I'm happy with what I have now. I am blessed to have a place like home and my little humble workspace.

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