Monday, June 30, 2014

PCB UV Exposure Box

One of the coolest stuff that I made was the PCB UV exposure box. Over the years I've been using my table lamp as the light source to expose my presensitized PCBs. There have been failures and successes using the table lamp. Quite a number of incidents of over exposing and will have to redo. And is quite expensive to buy a presensitized board here. So, last year I decided to build one and never to face these problems again.

My old method using the table lamp to expose the PCB
My homemade PCB UV Exposure Box
The box is made out of MDF (medium density fibreboard) board recycled from a packing box. The piece of glass was from a picture frame I bought from a RM2 shop in Taiping. The rest of the items such as UV lamps and electronic ballasts were bought from a local electrical store, Thye Huat. Below are some more photos and please visit my Instructables website for the steps-by-step instructions and the materials I used.

UV lamps
Reused MDF boards that cut into sizes
Completed box with the cover
Here is the result

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