Saturday, August 16, 2014

Build: Vintage Sign Board with Running Lights - Part 1

I made this project for my cousin's wedding reception. I was working with his brother-in-law from the beginning on an idea of vintage display board with the "Now Showing" sign. To make it look classic, I use the incandescent light bulbs like the one we see at the old theater sign board. Then equipped with 4 running light patterns (including ALL ON) to make it interesting.

Me posing with the sign board at the wedding night

There are 3 parts in this project.
Part 1: The Paper Lettering
Part 2: The Wood Frame Board
Part 3; The Electronics & Wiring
This project involved arts & crafts, woodworking, wiring and electronics skills.

Part 1: The Paper Lettering
For the 3D lettering, I was inspired by the technique used by Jimmy Diresta. Watch the YouTube video below. Is a simple technique with minimal cost. Even though is simple, I spent most of the time on this part of the project. I think it was because I have more letters (10 letters) to make and the smaller letter size add to the challenge. Total 8 hours spent.

Below is my work process of making the paper letters. The following are the materials used: cardboard, thick white paper, wood/PVA glue, sandpaper, spray paint, scissor, ruler, printer and spray adhesive

I had a great experience making these paper letters. This is my first time making paper letters and I'll be sure to use this technique again if required for my other projects. I hope you learn something from here and feel free to comment if you have any. Coming soon, Part 2 on making the wood frame board.


  1. Btw, you peel it off like sticker ? The spray wont cause the paper directly to stick forever to the cardboard ?


    1. Yes, is just like a sticker. You will need to peel it off later.

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