Sunday, September 25, 2016

Teardown: Sharp Air Purifier FU-Z31

Air purifier has become an essential appliance in every home and especially during the hazy season, it sells like a hot cake. I bought this back in 4 years ago when the haze problem became intolerable in Malaysia. This is a basic air filter with HEPA filtration with Plasmacluster Ion feature from Sharp. I took this opportunity to tear it down when it requires thorough cleaning since the day I bought it. Let's get our curious mind going and look what's inside.

This is what inside the air purifier looks like. Simple isn't it?

Up closed at the motor and ionizer unit

Basically there are 3 sections on the controller board.
Left section - Front panel controller circuit. Middle section - AC switching circuit, Right section - Power supply circuit

Rear view of the controller board and where the brain is located


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