Monday, August 26, 2013

NRC 2013 competition

I managed to participate as a corporate mentor for LEGO Mindstorm in Penang this year. Since 2 years ago I was eager to join but due to other commitments I passed until this year. Posted some pictures which took at the NRC 2013 competition in Penang on 20-Aug-13. I was the mentor for SK Bukit Gambir students and there are two teams from this school. The theme for this year 'open' category is "World Heritage".

Egyptian Pyramid theme with 3 LEGO Mindstorm robots. Most are done by the students. Very realistic background drawing by one of the student. 

Me and the student team. They are just 10 years old. 
The second team on Penang Georgetown Heritage sites model. They build 2 robots to promote and protect the heritage site. Impressive drawing done by the students.

The second team from Year 6 class, 12 years old. 

Below are some other robots by other schools. Check it out. 

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